All of us at Hestia Jewels are ecstatic to celebrate our new partnership with Ferrari Firenze, an Italian fine jewelry brand! Bringing together our shared values of love, joy and kindness as we help celebrate all the memories and milestones in your life!

Like many business partnerships, ours with Ferrari Firenze is just like a marriage. It stems from two people sharing the same values, committing to support each other and often spending 75% of our daily lives together.
Just like your personal life, it’s important to mark your business achievements with something that represents all the hard work you put into your success. It can be a gift for your business partner or something for you.


No matter what the piece is, know that with fine jewelry it’s a long-term commitment, just like that business partnership. So try to find one with a gem that best fits the personality of the person who’ll be wearing it.

Now how would you do that?

Chemistry and values are key.

There are dozens of precious stones to choose from, all giving off a specific energy and have different meanings. Finding one that fits with your personality or your partners can take some time. So don’t rush it!


Just like their red colour, Rubies are viewed as representing power and passion. As the Gemological Institute of America  (GIA) says, the Ruby is the King of Precious Stones.



Often thought of as a fairy tale gem because of its history with royalty, this stone is known to represent genuine traits such as truth, nobility and faithfulness.



There’s a reason this is the birthstone for the month of May. With its soothing green colour, Emeralds are the comforting gem that associate to fresh green landscapes and “reflectsÂnew spring growth as the GIA puts it.



The perfect stone to represent a business milestone. Just like a job, diamonds undergo tremendous pressure and stress, but eventually come out the beautiful gem they are. Diamond earrings or necklaces can be the perfect gift to commemorate that business milestone, representing the commitment and hard work you’ve put into your partnership.



We’re celebrating our partnership with Ferrari Firenze and all that lies ahead on December 15 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, Ontario.

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