The fine art of ceramics is one of the most ancient industries going back thousands of years, with the oldest known ceramic artifact dated as early as 28,000 BC. Once humans discovered that clay was found in abundance and formed objects by mixing it with water and firing them in kilns, the birth of ceramic as alternative material to gold and gemstones was born.

5th century Greek Ceramic Pottery

Since the ancient times, the ceramic industry has gone through a profound transformation. Technology and new methods of application of ceramics and glass has steadily increased and we have found that we often take for granted the major role that ceramics have played in the progress in society; in both the world of design, fine art, and jewelry.
Deeply inspired by the rich history and evolution of ceramics, we reinterpreted ceramic art and adornment in modern forms in the HEARTH collection. The collection is a play on a symbol of duality, a cross between ancient Mediterranean ceramic art and modern gold linear design, as each piece is formed by the flames that rule the Greek goddess HESTIA’s core: her Hearth (fire, home, and family).


HESTIA: The Greek Goddess of the Hearth, family and home

With jewelry always having been a part of human culture and evolution, creating a unique look with meaning and history is important to us as alternative materials and newness in civilization continue to compliment and shape our ideas of beauty, desire, possession and fashion.

The BILLIE plain ceramic rings Blue, Red, White, and Rose Gold

Colourful ceramic is a bold and modern way to wear colour without gemstones and enamelling. A clean and sleek method to adorn colour that can be both dressed up and down for your everyday look. The collection is unisex, and it is up to the wearer to build and customize their own look by stacking the pieces together as they can be worn in singles or in multiples to build up the look.

The HESTIA stack: BILLIE and CARA ceramic and gold rings

On their own, each piece is refined and understated, but together, they form a polished statement. With 3 ceramic colours available, the look is limitless and is hard to choose just one. You can pick your favourite to wear now, or give in to desire and invest in the entire collection.

The BILLIE plain ceramic rings in White and Rose Gold

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