Celebrate the Moment – Be Present and Get Off Auto Pilot

How many times have you asked “how are you” and meant it?

With everything being digital and instant it feels like we’ve turned on autopilot for the little things that make people feel loved. Including listening (and caring) to how someone’s day was.

We understand!

You have over 15 gifts to buy and wrap, plus family dinner to prepare, making it so easy to put yourself on autopilot, take shortcuts and let this time of year pass right by. But sometimes we need to slow down, turn ourselves off neutral and celebrate the moment.



How often have you asked this to be polite and felt your eyes glaze over?

Then there is that that awkward moment when they ask a question and realize you weren’t listening.

With social media you probably already know the answer to this question, making it easy to either forget to ask or zone out when you do.

So, this December look in that person’s eye and try to give a small glimpse of interest. Don’t look around the room or over their shoulder as they speak, just observe what they do and show that you genuinely care. Remind yourself to make a meaningful comment or question, not just saying “that’s great” or “sounds fun”. That simple act of interest can truly make someone feel like you care, but it’s easier said than done


It’s easy to make small talk and say “same as usual”, but what’s memorable about that conversation?

First start with complimenting their look, hair and perhaps their eyes. Try to guess how their day was, then start by looking in to their eyes, take a nice deep breath and smile.

Always start with a smile.

Then think of three moments from the past year; your funniest, most shameful and naughtiest experiences always spark up a memorable conversation. It is all about trying to develop a special and exclusive bond with the loved one, and often bad choices or mishaps can make it easier and fun to share.


We’ve all fallen into the trap of talking on the phone while washing the dishes, driving or watching TV. Secretly hoping the conversation will end so you can get back to what you were doing, then eventually coming up with a white lie as to why you must hang up.

We all want to be multi task, but talking on the phone is not the time. If you’re cooking or driving tell them you are going to call them later, because even though they can’t see you, it’s obvious on the other end when you don’t have someone’s full attention.


Put some sincerity back into your gift giving!

What you can do though is put a little effort into the purchasing and giving of the gift. You of course don’t want to buy them all at one place, it pushes you to make you bad choices. As well there’s the ‘NO RE-GIFTING’ policy.

It’s not about the budget but it is the thought. Cards go a long way, making them feel loved and cared about. But don’t make it a Hallmark card, you can easily make a personal one online and print it out, or even better – make it by hand.

Most people go out and by what they want or need anyways, so this might be the time of year to show how much you care through thoughtfulness rather than a price tag.

Then last, but not least, don’t be shy in giving hugs!

Celebrating the moments with your family makes them memories that last. So celebrate every second and have a very happy holiday!!!