Hestia Talks: Baguette-cut Diamonds

Having introduced our diamond focused Star and Astraea collections, you may be wondering, what exactly are Baguette and Tapered Baguette cut Diamonds? Why do we get excited about them and love these cuts so much to make it part of Hestia’s DNA? Let us explain our vision and approach towards this rectilinear and step-cut vision.
Baguette-cut Diamond 
The baguette cut diamond represents an elongated, rectangular table cut. These linear, rectangular cuts have been seen in jewelry and paintings since the mid-sixteenth century under the names ‘Hogback’ or ‘Dos d'âne’. It slowly evolved into the modern version of the baguette diamond, which was re-introduced in the early-eighteenth century. Belonging to the group of so-called ‘step cuts’ (other step cuts include Emerald cut and Asscher cut), the baguette cut is characterized by its square corners, which have rows of cuts made with parallel facets.         
Eternity Diamond Ring 18K Tapered Baguette and Round Cluster Ring
The name 'baguette' comes from the French bague. Currently, bague translates as finger ring but, until the seventeenth century, the term was used to indicate jewels in general, so the modern 'baguette' is translated as 'small jewel'. With 14 facets (brilliant round cuts have 58 facets) this matches the name as they come in smaller carat weights than other cuts. But they make up for it as the diamonds used for these styles tend to be of a higher quality, and therefore have fewer flaws.
Love Diamond Rings
The Love Baguette Diamond Rings 18K White and Rose Gold
 We do believe that these geometric cuts display the clarity and natural beauty of the diamond! We embrace rectangular and linear designs as they bring a clean, minimalist, and modern edge into a world of classic fine jewelry. Another big advantage of the baguette diamond is that they are set in the most secure method, keeping the stones tightly formed into gold. It’s so important for us to use gems and diamonds of the highest quality and clarity as they are the only ones suitable for this shape!
Baguette Diamond Earrings from the STAR collection:
Star Diamond Earrings, Beauty Diamond Earrings, Love Diamond Earrings
 We hope that we could explain how and why we embrace the baguette cut diamond – they bring an advanced look and essence to our collections as we continue to provide everyday modern classics into the fine jewelry world!