Hestia Talks: The Elements of Luck

Ever wonder why some people seem to get all the luck? And is luck really beyond our control? Call us superstitious, but we believe that you can manifest and prepare for a path of positive energy and abundance. This month we’re going to explore the elements of luck, and how you can court and prepare for luck from astrological charts to adorning symbolic fine jewelry.


The concept of luck is often a misunderstood element in life. While it cannot be quantified, in reality, we believe that you can build on prerequisites to receive these invisible blessings from the universe. October 2018 is currently undergoing a strong presence from Jupiter: a planet that is associated with good fortune, optimism, and productivity. Named after the Roman super-god (aka. Zeus in Greek Mythology), Jupiter has always been one of the most powerful planets of the zodiac – with many Mediterranean cultures watching its position in the charts.



The energy of Jupiter brings tremendous opportunity that is best realized with consistent and disciplined effort. Nothing happens serendipitously, at the end of the day, you receive assistance through the planets and concepts – so opportunities only flourish and grow with a strong foundation. We’re big believers in feeding positive outcomes with positivity… so luck tends to enter your life when there is a strong foundation that is already built on effort and perseverance!


 Luck Diamond Pearl Pendant: 18K White Gold Pendant Broach with Baguette-cut Diamonds and a Freshwater Pearl, G color VS1 clarity diamonds, 0.554 ct. $1,600 CAD


Another interesting way that we believe creates a healthy path towards luck is a concept that is at the core of Hestia’s DNA – our love of adorning fine jewelry that holds meaning and symbolism. The term “talisman” comes from the Greek word “teleo” - to make happen. People have always been ready to believe that a talisman has the power to protect from evil or bad luck. Ranging from the properties and energy that diamonds and precious stones hold, to lucky talisman charms such as the Hestia Blue Eye pendants, we believe that when you adorn the right piece, it will pave a path of fortune and bring you a sense of good luck and comfort.


 Positive Blue Eye Pendant Necklace: 14K White Gold 16” inch Pendant Necklace with bezel setting enameled Blue Eye, Hestia chain detail and logo clasp. $1,100 CAD


We design and create with the intention of bringing positive energy to our customers, it is so important to us to go beyond the concept of style. Fine jewelry can be functional, and when worn on the body it’s properties will benefit you in levels that you cannot measure. Blending these concepts with contemporary design and fine craftsmanship is what we strive to do, and end result is always wearable fine jewelry that you can adorn everyday and keep forever. Afterall, while luck comes in many forms, it is ultimately earned and enhanced with the right factors in place. Rather than wondering when it will come and comparing yourself to others, we can prepare ourselves for our own luck – with discipline, learnings, an open heart and mind… and fine jewelry!
The rest will just fall into place.