Summer’s in full effect, and we’re feeling nostalgic as we enter into the season of Love… also known as that time of the year when the most weddings and engagements take part (between early summer to late fall). Purchasing a wedding band or engagement ring can be a daunting task to many, with the various options and budgets at hand; but whether you are looking for a modern or classic aesthetic, we believe that working with a trusted jeweller who understand you and place quality and sentiment in top of mind is the key to creating the perfect ring.


Hestia Jewels custom diamond ring: 18K White Gold set with rounds, trapeze baguette, and baguette diamonds. G colour VS1 clarity, approx. 2.30 carats.


At Hestia, we treasure the values and feelings that comes with fine jewelry, from the meanings behind family heirlooms to lucky keepsakes, to the modern pieces that speak to cherished milestones and memories… each special piece brings importance to why human civilization has always adorned and gifted jewelry. In this month’s Hestia Talks, we will explore the history of when the diamond engagement ring began.


Hestia Jewels diamond rings: Soul baguette rings, Astraea baguette cluster ring, Love diamond bar ring, Princess cut Engagement ring and brilliant round eternity band.


One of the first discoveries of the engagement ring started as a tradition dating back to the ancient Egyptians, who believed circles were symbols of eternity. Wedded couples exchanged rings made out of braided reeds. These were worn on the left hand ring finger, which apparently had a vein that ran directly to the heart, now known and named the Vena amoris. Many Mediterranean cultures were found to also have similar traditions, with the tradition quickly spreading throughout Europe and into the East. Fast forward centuries later, in 1477, we saw one of the first recorded uses of a diamond engagement ring. Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring set with thin, flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an “M.” This set a glamorous precedent for the nobility, who added more precious gemstones to their jewelry.


Vintage 1920’s estate Emerald cut diamond ring, 2.70 carats.


Step forward into the 20th century, we start seeing the emergence of the modern diamond ring, with diamonds quickly becoming symbols of the depth and commitment of a union, signifying the celebration of a cherished memory and forever marriage. Specialty diamond cuts and ring styles started becoming more common, with the 1920’s art deco era making way for some of the most glamorous and stylized diamond rings. By the 1940-1950s, engagement rings and diamond jewelry quickly became the leading purchases in demand in Europe and North America. Nowadays, an estimate of 80% brides across the world receive diamond engagement rings or wedding bands. 

Flawless brilliant round cut diamonds, G colour VS1 clarity 1.55 carats each.


Over the years, the most popular cut for diamond engagement rings has always been the round brilliant, consisting of 58 facets that divide the stone into a top and bottom half. Other popular cuts are the princess cut, the emerald cut, baguette cuts, and with the oval cut and cushion cut quickly gaining popularity as a recent trend.


At Hestia, we specialize in modern step-cut diamond rings and contemporary aesthetics. Step-cut diamonds consist of the baguette cut, emerald cut, and princess cut. They have either a square or rectangular shape and they can be easily distinguished from brilliant cut diamonds. Their most remarkable feature is that they surpass many expectations in terms of clarity and attractiveness. Apart from their striking brilliance, the second-best attribute of step-faceted stones is their carat preservation, as they retain more of the diamond’s material, which is not always the case with other cuts. In addition to this, it is important to mention that step cuts make a diamond appear larger, which is especially beneficial for stones featuring a carat weight of one carat or less.



We understand that purchasing an engagement ring or a set of wedding bands is a personal, transformative experience, especially since that is the one jewelry piece to be worn for a lifetime, intending to hold the values and memories of your love forever. After all, romance truly never goes out of style. ❤


Hestia Jewels Wedding bands, Jerry, can be customized with or without diamonds.