HESTIA TALKS: Thank the women who deserve the best (Our Moms!)

Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 50 countries around the world on the second Sunday of May; and its taken the spot of one of the most cross-culturally commemorated family holidays. What exactly lies within the symbolism and significance of Mother’s Day? Invented in 1870 by the American author and women’s suffrage campaigner Julia Ward Howe, she fought to have a day in the world to “appeal to womanhood” across the globe.

Pablo Picasso, Mere Et Enfant, 1951

Whether your family structure takes a more traditional stance or a modern one, this day is very important at Hestia, as it gives us the opportunity to celebrate and say Thank You to all mothers, from grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, and the female guardians in one’s life. 

Traditional gifts for Mothers normally include flowers, chocolates, and meals. But a gift of love through jewelry is the only type that will last forever, and symbolically, will mean you are celebrating her love for you again and again. We also believe that a gift of symbolic value can be even more precious for the receiver than the gift itself.

George Kotsonis, Mother and Child in Greece, 1940

We have taken this occasion to help you in saying Thank You to all the Mom’s, with our gift guide, that is curated for the different roles that all modern day Mothers play in our lives. ❤


The Graceful Mom


Joy Diamond Necklace, $1,880 CAD

Star Diamond Earrings, $2,000 CAD

Cherish Pearl Diamond Ring, $3,500 CAD


The Witty Mom

Peace Purple Sapphire Necklace, $350 CAD

Neo Classic Purple Amethyst Earrings, $560 CAD

Inspire Multicolored Sapphire Necklace, $1,450 CAD

Hestia x Lucky Iron Fish Rose Gold and Silk Cord Bracelet, $105 CAD


The Fearless Mom

Romance Pearl and Diamond Ring, $2,500 CAD

Love Diamond Bracelet, $3,750 CAD

Neo Classic London Blue Topaz Studs and Onyx Gembar, $1,460 CAD

Heart Onyx and Rose Gold Ring, $1,020 CAD


The Caring Mom


Embrace Gold Open Circle Earrings, $300 CAD

Eternal Gold Chain Bracelet, $875 CAD

Elemental Long Gold Chain Necklace, $550 CAD

Positive Blue Eye Gold Bracelet, $950 CAD


The Nurturing Mom

Wisdom Colorful Sapphire Drops Necklace, $800 CAD

Happiness Stack Ring with Diamonds and Emeralds, $750 CAD

Neo Classic Green Agate Stud Earrings, $560 CAD

Neo Classic Sunflower Quartz Gembar Earrings, $800 CAD


The Patient Mom

Neo Classic Purple Amethyst Necklace, $600 CAD

Soul Diamond Ring, $580 CAD

Petite Diamond Small Hoop Earrings, $550 CAD

Delicate Gold Rectangular Chain Necklace, $465 CAD


The Thoughtful Mom

Neo Classic London Blue Topaz Earrings, $660 CAD

Neo Classic Swiss Blue Topaz Gembar Earrings, $1,120 CAD

Love Diamond Bar Necklace, $880 CAD

Happiness Stack Ring Diamonds and Sapphires, $800 CAD


The Inspiring Mom

Love Diamond Bracelet, $3,750 CAD

Love Diamond Ring, $1,250 CAD

Neo Classic Diamond Studs and Sunflower Quartz Gembar, $2,290 CAD

Classic Pearl Layered Necklace and Bracelet, $1800 CAD


The Brave Mom

Mystic Coral Ring, $1,400 CAD

Serpentine Elemental Necklace, $380 CAD

Neo Classic Red Garnet Earrings, $660 CAD


The Funny Mom

Heart Onyx and Diamond Ring, $1,260 CAD

Love Diamond Bar Necklace, $880  CAD

Love Diamond Earrings, $1,625 CAD

Happiness Stack Ring Diamonds and Sapphires, $750 CAD


In addition to our curated gift guide, we also have a special Mother’s Day Collection of new and accessible gold essentials that are thoughtful gifts of love.

The Mother’s Day Edit:



From now until May 12, we are hosting a special Mother’s Day giveaway - if you join our newsletter and tag 3 of your friends on Instagram @hestiajewels or Facebook on one of our 'Thank You' images, we will choose 3 winners and gift you with a pair of 14K Gold enamel hoop earrings! Winners will be notified after May 12th.



Good Luck! x