The Art of Jewelry Stacking - Must Have Favorites & How to Wear Them

Gold Essentials Forever 


Must-have wardrobe essentials that are clever investments both in value and in style. Modern silhouettes sustainably made from the ultimate commodity that spans across all cultures, generations and time - Gold. Perfect for summer and as timeless favorites, explore the different ways of how to wear, build, and stack your everyday gold staples.



Contemporary, durable and stye forward. Made for your everyday look, so comfortable and chic that you truly will not want (or need) to even take off. Ideal for stacking, but substantial enough all on their own. Adorn whilst weaving through your busy schedules taking you stylishly from morning to night.

 Petite Diamond Huggie Earrings, Camilla Baguette Diamond Hoops


Dainty Diamond Huggie Earrings, Enamel Hoop Earrings
Endless Large Gold Hoop Earrings
Essential Hoop Earrings, Zoe Huggie Hoop Earrings


Created for you to style your own look and mix and match, you can choose to wear your rings in singles or stacked in multiples. Whether you are in the mood for fashion + style, milestones, anniversaries or wedding; we are all about versatility and craftsmanship when it comes to our rings. Pair up and match with your partner or family, as each style is unisex, timeless, and perfect for gifting and engraving.

Billie Gold and Silver Stacking Rings, Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold


Soul Baguette Diamond Ring

Billie White Ceramic Ring, Billie Rose Gold Ring, Cara White Ceramic Diamond Ring


Channel your effortless and luxe spirit by layering up with a collection of understated and sophisticated gold must-haves. Easy to wear and highly adaptable to both classic and modern style.


Elemental Paperclip Chain Bracelets

Elemental Paperclip Chain Necklaces, Essential Gold Chain



Elemental Paperclip Chain Necklaces, Essential Gold Chain






Invest in yourself (or stock up so you don't have to "borrow" from your Mothers and Sisters!). For a limited time only, spend a minimum of $400 and receive a pair of dainty 14K Gold Endless Hoops from us, as a gift to you.

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